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I’ve added two high quality stills of Tom’s new character – Sherloque Wells – to the gallery! Are you excited to see yet another iteration of Harrison this season? Tom will officially debut in the third episode of the fifth season, this Tuesday night in the episode titled ‘The Death of Vibe‘.

CICADA TARGETS A MEMBER OF TEAM FLASH — After Cicada’s (Chris Klein) attack on The Flash (Grant Gustin), the team realizes they need to think outside the box to stop this dangerous new foe. Desperate to help her parents, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) comes up with a plan that ultimately puts a member of Team Flash in danger. Meanwhile, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) delves into her past. Andi Armaganian directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza (#503). Original airdate 10/23/2018

Television Series – [2014] The Flash – Season 5 – [5×03] The Death of Vibe – 5×03: Episode Stills

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