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[2x01] The Man Who Saved Central CityBarry dreams of a world in which things were as they were, including Dr. Wells still being his mentor. Later, Barry is given a flash drive that contains a message from Eobard - and a confession to the murder of his mother, Nora Allen.
2 63
[2x02] Flash of Two WorldsOur first glance at Earth-2 Harrison Wells - the savior of Central City! A class is touring STAR Labs when Harrison steps off the elevator and greets them.
1 11
[2x03] Family of RoguesHarrison Wells of Earth-2 arrives in the STAR Labs basement of Earth-1 through the now stabilized breech.
1 18
[2x04] The Fury of FirestormHarrison stalks through the STAR Labs hallways and proceeds to steal a pulse gun from Mercury Labs. Later that night, as Barry and Patty try to fend off King Shark, Harrison (disguised in a hoodie) saves them with his pulse gun. He takes off, but Barry catches him, and Harrison reveals his identity.
2 36
[2x05] The Darkness and the Light
2 581
[2x06] Enter ZoomHarry flashes back to Earth-2, where his daughter Jesse is taken by Zoom. In the present, Cisco tries to vibe on Harry and sees Jesse still being held. Later, after Zoom takes Barry, Harry runs to help him - but Zoom uses the speed dampener Harry made on Barry. He returns a broken Barry to Star Labs and calls Harrison out. Cisco gets Zoom with the dampener and he takes off, with Harry trying to run after him. Joe lashes out at Harry, thinking Wells is working for Zoom, just like the other breachers, but Harry tells him that the only way he'll get his daughter back is to take out Zoom. He says he tried to capture Zoom on his Earth, but failed, so he came here to get The Flash to help.
2 478
[2x07] Gorilla WarfareHarry dresses up as the Reverse Flash to save Caitlin from Grodd. She tends to his wounds after.
2 481
[2x08] Legends of Today
1 272
[2x09] Running to Stand Still
1 250
[2x10] Potential Energy
1 325
[2x11] The Reverse-Flash Returns
1 470
[2x12] Fast Lane
2 609
[2x13] Welcome to Earth-2With Barry and Cisco, Harry travels back to Earth-2 through the speed cannon to track Zoom and save Jesse.
1 297
[2x14] Escape From Earth-2
2 448
[2x15] King Shark
1 275
[2x16] Trajectory
2 587
[2x17] Flash Back
2 646
[2x18] Versus Zoom
2 407
[2x19] Back to NormalHarry departs STAR Labs to find Jesse and bring her home. She tells him she can't forgive him for what he did to save her. Harry leaves but is stopped by a meta who rapidly ages. Harry tries to tell him he's not THAT Harrison Wells, but Griffin holds him captive so Harry will cure him. Though he isn't the Harrison Wells that caused the metas of Earth-1, Harry begins to realize that he's to blame for his own Earth's problems, just as Jesse suggested. Eventually Team Flash comes to save him - with Jesse - and she and Harry return to STAR Labs together. There, Harry opens up to Jesse about losing her mother and how he snapped after Zoom took Jesse. He promises to be the kind of father she can be proud of. Later, Harry finds Barry in the cortex. Harry tells him there's no way to save a Caitlin without his powers. He tells him that he's going to help Barry get his speed back - by causing another particle accelerator explosion!
1 554
[2x20] Rupture
2 356
[2x21] The Runaway Dinosaur
1 252
[2x22] Invincible
1 252
[2x23] The Race of His Life
2 412

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