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While Tom was only in one scene this week, what a scene it was! He was pulling double duty once again as both Nash and Harry – and it looks like we are one step closer to finding out what is going on!

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THE FLASH: Marathon – Screencaps

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Welcome to the Post-Crisis Earth-Prime, fellow Flash lovers! While we ulimately got the sad news that Harry and Jesse are gone for good, it’s nice to have at least one Wells’ sticking around! I’ve added episode stills to the gallery, as well as 160 HD screencaps from the episode!

Television Series > [2014] The Flash > Season 6 > [6×10] Marathon > Screencaps
Television Series > [2014] The Flash > Season 6 > [6×10] Marathon > Episode Stills

This week begins the first half of Crisis on Infinite Earths! I will be adding screencaps from all three shows to the gallery, as they air, and updating this masterpost with short summaries of what happened on that night’s episode!


As we saw at the end of last week’s Flash episode (6×08), Nash was saved from the blood brothers by, what he thought, was the Monitor. Nash appears at the end of this week’s Supergirl episode and confirms to Barry that he is no longer Nash, he is Pariah: a man serving his penance – forced to watch the Anti-Monitors actions – for unleashing the Anti-Monitor from his confinement. Pariah also tells the heroes that things are turning out differently than expected, but that everything is still doomed.

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What an exciting episode of The Flash this week! It looks like Nash has some secrets of his own, doesn’t it? How do you think Nash will tie into the upcoming Crisis? It looks like he’s familiar with Anti-Matter and The Monitor! Wasn’t it great to see Tom in action sequences again? Check out HD screencaps that I have added to the gallery from this week’s episode, as well as a brand new still from this week’s new episode!

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Welcome back, Flash fans! This week, we’ve gotten our first peek at Tom’s new character – Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells! While he seems a little grisly on the outside, showrunner Eric Wallace has said he’ll have a harder time coming around to Team Flash’s friendship advances!

“All the Wellses that we’ve seen in past seasons have always been buddy-buddy friends with Team Flash. Even if they’re abrasive, [they] eventually come around,” Wallace says. “The road to friendship might be a wee bit rockier with our new Wells, who is, I believe, the most unpredictable and interesting Wells so far. Emphasis on the word unpredictable.”

What did you think about Nash Wells? Are you excited to see this new adventurous Wells? And what about Harry and Jesse, after last week’s shocking Arrow ending? Hopefully well get some news that they’ve been enjoying some vacation time on a (very safe!) Earth somewhere else!

Follow the link below to check out 140 HD screencaps from the latest episode of The Flash!

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