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I’ve added close to 200 HD logoless screencaps to the gallery from last night’s episode of ‘The Flash’! Last night’s episode drew Sherloque further into the inner Flash circle, as he worked with Caitlin, Cisco, and Ralph to help locate Caitlin’s missing father!



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In today’s update, I’ve updated the gallery with 1000 HD screencaps from Tom’s second movie in the ‘Darrow and Darrow‘ series! These screencaps are all 720p and should be crisp and clear enough for all your graphical needs! Follow the link below to visit the gallery and check out all of the screencaps!


Today’s update is one of Tom’s more recent roles, his guest appearance on an episode of Van Helsing in 2016! Tom played the character of Micah who, unfortunately, had a bit of a grisly end on the show! Check out the gallery to view over 400 screencaps of Tom in this creepily delightful role!

Television Series – [2016] Van Helsing – 1×10: Stay Away – Screencaps

SCREENCAPS: How to Eat Fried Worms

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How’s this for a throwback? Did you know, in 2006, Tom actually starred in another movie with Kimberly Williams-Paisley beforeDarrow and Darrow‘? That’s right! Tom played the dad in ‘How to Eat Fried Worms‘!

I’ve added both some production stills and screencaps from the movie to our gallery today, so check out the links below to view this early film role!

Film Projects – [2006] How to Eat Fried Worms – Production Stills
Film Projects – [2006] How to Eat Fried Worms – Movie Screencaps

Hey, everyone! What did you think of Tom’s newest iteration of Harrison Wells? Sherloque seems like an intriguing character all on his own, but do you think he’s hiding something as some of the previous Wells have done?

I’ve added 395 logoless, HD screencaptures to our gallery for your graphical needs! If you enjoy them or if you use them to create pretty things, please tag the Twitter because I love seeing what you guys create!

Television Series – [2014] The Flash – Season 5 – [5×03] The Death of Vibe – 5×03: Screencaps

SCREENCAPS: Tom and Grant Trailer

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It’s finally here! The debut of the Tom and Grant trailer! This is the movie fans helped fund, Tom directed, and starred in – with fellow Flash castmate Grant Gustin. Check out the trailer, which debuted today, below and additional screencaps I’ve added to the gallery!

I’ve updated the gallery with 140 HD screencaptures of Tom’s role in the short film ‘Sidekick’!

I’m slowly working on finishing screencaps from the first season of The Flash and have currently added episode 10 to the gallery, which you can check out below!

Although Tom wasn’t involved in all four nights of the crossover event, I had so much livetweeting with all of you during #DCWeek! In addition to all the fun we had on Twitter, I’ve added 145 HD screencaps to the gallery, featuring Tom as HR in this week’s Flash episode!

This week’s episode of The Flash brought the return of Tom Cavanagh – and his role from season 2, Harrison ‘Harry’ Wells – as well as Jesse, and it looks like the pair will be sticking around for at least another episode!

In addition to a few episode stills from this week’s Flash, I’ve also added 385 HD screencaps to the gallery! Follow the links below to view them!